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    XXth Century music for clarinet and piano

    The twentieth century was very good to the clarinet. The popularity of the instrument with composers of the modernist and postmodernist eras was in fact a culmination of its flourish during the nineteenth century (due in turn to its being singled out in the eighteenth century by one Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart). Established by the time of Beethoven’s death as a viable concerto and chamber-music participant, the clarinet passed through the hands and hearts of Romantic composers like Weber, Mendelssohn, Saint-Saëns, and Brahms to become an important sonata instrument alongside the violin and the cello.

    The present disc is an exploration of abstract clarinet-and-piano music after Brahms’s superlative op.120 Sonatas of 1894 for this coupling. The six items on this programme include three sonatas, one sonatine, a set of pieces which taken together closely resemble a sonata, and another set inspired by the latter. All six might be considered to be rather off the beaten recital-programme path and all six convey something of their national origins. Certainly all have retained particular currency in their composers’ respective countries.

    Written by Daniel Montclair



    Cristo Barrios, clarinet
    Clinton Cormany, piano


    ‘This wide-ranging collection of works for clarinet and piano makes a superb showcase for the prize-winning clarinettist Cristo Barrios. His tone is not just beautiful but finely graded over the widest dynamic and expressive range.’ GAMOPHONE MAGAZINE

    ‘…the important issue here is his serene tone, impeccable phrasing, his virtuosity without exaggerations and his characteristic timbre. This immaculate CD that we present here is dedicated to the music for clarinet and piano after the great Brahms clarinet sonatas.’ MELÓMANO MAGAZINE

    ‘A nice recital for clarinet and piano, the material ranges from Bernstein to Berg and beyond. These two pros are on top of their game and can make this basic instrumentation sound like a lot more. One of the engaging points of this set is the material is well of left of warhorse repertoire giving the listener something sort of new as well as a new perspective. Charming in its deceptive simplicity, the best cats always make it look easy.’ MID WEST RECORD

    ‘This compilation of 20th century music for clarinet and piano draws together works infused with melody, such as the Bernstein and Bax sonatas, with the atonal qualities of Alban Berg’s work and its close associations with the so-called ‘Second Viennese School’. If you want an album to play while you’re doing other things, you might skip the Berg tracks. But even if the mere mention of the word ‘atonal’ makes you shudder, I would advise you to return to the Berg when you can give it your undivided attention. The piece by conductor/composer Esa-Pekka Salonen is also a work that demands close listening. Great playing!’CLASSICAL FM MAGAZINE

    ‘In the lower registers Barrios has a wonderfully rich tone and he is an alert, sensitive player who knows how to make new audiences for his instrument, as well as for this repertory.’ INTERNATIONAL RECORD REVIEW

    ‘Barrios really brings out the lyrical side of the music…In the very fast, helter–skelter scherzo he lets go and really relishes the challenges the composer has given him. The quiet ending is quite magical. With such fine playing every piece comes alive and speaks in its own voice as music which has grown from a tradition and is continuing it into the next generation. Most enjoyable.’ MUSICWEB

    ‘A nice balanced programme to extend 20 C clarinettists’ repertoire, without venturing too far into extended techniques etc…All well played and recorded by Simon Fox at the Conservatoire of the Canaries, October 2007. I hope to give this CD to my local Conservatoire, Trinity College of Music, where some student clarinettist might pick it up for exploration?’ MUSICAL POINTERS

    ‘Spanish clarinettist Cristo Barrios is definitely a terrific talent on the clarinet; his sound is silvery, the voice of the instrument is free, and he has a wonderful sense of dramatic timing…The sound is warm and responsive…Cristo Barrios is definitely a clarinettist to keep an eye on.’ ALL MUSIC GUIDE

    ‘Bravo. Beautiful CD. I especially congratulate you for bringing the Sonata of Salvador Brotons to more listeners. Finishing with Honegger was delightful with your brilliant colleague, Mr Cormany. Very interesting performances and program. You should be proud.’ (Richard Stoltzman)

    ‘Your performances, sound and balance are sensational. Especially my sonata sounds amazing: tempi, expressive flexibility and brilliance. The last movement fits perfectly. Congratulations also to your superb pianist as you both sound truly like a duo throughout the CD.’ (Salvador Brotons)

    ‘I loved your CD and how you play, your sound, the repertoire, I enjoyed everything! These pieces by Alban Berg that I like so much! How nice!’ (Marielle Labèque)

    ‘I greatly enjoyed your recording!’ (Esa-Pekka Salonen)

    ‘Spanish clarinettist Cristo Barrios is definitely a terrific talent on the clarinet; his sound is silvery, the voice of the instrument is free, and he has a wonderful sense of dramatic timing…The sound is warm and responsive…Cristo Barrios is definitely a clarinettist to keep an eye on.’ (www.allmusic.com)

    List of pieces

    Leonard Bernstein (1918-1990)
    Sonata for clarinet and piano (1941-42)
    Salvador Brotons (b. 1959)
    Sonata for clarinet and piano Op. 46 (1988)
    Alban Berg (1885-1935)
    Vier Stücke for clarinet and piano (1913)
    Arnold Bax (1883-1953)
    Sonata for clarinet and piano (1934)
    Esa-Pekka Salonen (b.1958)
    Nachtlieder for clarinet and piano (1978)
    Arthur Honneger (1892-1955)
    Sonatina for clarinet and piano (1921-22)