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    Music from out of Time II

    Laberintos. The work was inspired by the poem of Belinda Sánchez, “Hope is not a word of poets…” The powerful ideas acquire their meaning from extra musical elements contained in the text, endeavoring to transmit the sensations and feelings the words suggested to me, words loaded with a certain sadness and desperation. Moreover, and in a much camouflaged way, the motivic materials originate from the harmonic and melodic Chorus, Ah holy Jesus, how has thou offended, from J.S. Bach’s St. Matthew Passion. Laberintos is developed in one movement, sub divided into sections of very diverse textures and sounds, on occasions, constant, although they largely originate from the piece´s initial motif. The musical material, used in some cases as a “sound mass”, evolves and transforms itself as if trying to recreate a journey through a multiform labyrinth which springs a surprise at every turn. The labyrinth is used as a musical construction and as a symbol of the human condition reflecting the infinite circumstances of life easy to enter into but at times impossible to get out of. Below is the crossroads of the composer and poet in the process of their new work… 

    Dolce is a fantasia in which a wide variety of rhythmic ideas are subjected to a limited number of harmonic elements, essentially reduced to two cells with four sounds. These cells act somewhat as filters which modulate the material. The work constantly oscillates between fluidity and rhythmic precision, presenting musicians with a very demanding discourse, which must jump, at any given moment, from placidity to rigor, from the flexible, dreamy ambience, alluded to in the title, to the rhythmic and stricter contrapuntal games, with much harsher edges, and this demands great versatility of character and color. This work, dedicated to my friend the composer and musician Javier Arias, was to all intents and purposes the beginning of a harmonic work which was of crucial importance for my subsequent works. For this reason, Dolce can justly be considered as the starting point of an adventure with huge consequences for my music.



    Gustavo Díaz-Jerez, piano
    Cristo Barrios, clarinet
    Savva Fatkulin, violin
    Cecilia Bercovich Avner, viola
    Ángel García Jermann, cello

    List of Works

    Gustavo Díaz-Jerez (1970)
    Gehenna. Two Reflections for piano solo after Gustave Doré (2004)
    José Luis Turina (1952)
    Dos Duetos for viola and piano (1994)
    Laura Vega (1978)
    Laberintos for clarinet and piano (2010)
    Mikael Trillo-Figueroa (1978)
    Unrevealed Cube 4×4 for piano trio. An Unsolved Riddle (2009)
    David del Puerto (1964)
    Dolce for clarinet and piano (1998)
    Gustavo Díaz-Jerez (1970)
    Tephra for violin, viola, violoncello and piano (2008)