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    Nuevas obras para clarinete y piano

    This CD was an idea of Cristo Barrios. It also came to reality because of him. He commissioned six pieces for clarinet and piano to six Canarian composers, three from Tenerife and the other three from Gran Canaria. It is not very common to find performers showing so much enthusiasm for contemporary music, being worried for the local composers, although this situation is changing. Cristo Barrios is among those performers, because he is an open, versatile musician, full of curiosity about the musical thought of his time. He has played with his awesome sound, full of colours, and his precise sense of rhythm, in many important national and international venues, bringing always many music of the XXth and XXIst Centuries, contributing to bring unkown names to the fore. This curiosity and interest show a singular musician, who founded a good partner in Evelyn Chang, at the piano.

    With this CD, RALS Project shows a new facet, chamber music, open a new path for the repertoire of clarinet and piano, presenting six pieces by Canarian composers, who already enjoy solid careers. The variety of thought included in this CD, speak by themselves about how far musical creation has reached in the Canary Islands.

    Written by Rosario Álvarez (CD booklet)



    Cristo Barrios, clarinet
    Evelyn Chang, piano


    ‘I think this CD is fantastic. Congratulations! The performances are just brilliant!.’ (Manuel Marrero – featured composer)

    ‘Great! Congratulations!’ (Raquel Cristobal – featured composer)

    ‘It is a luxury to work with you. I want to congratulate you for this excellent work and for your enthusiasm and dedication.’ (Manuel Bonino – featured composer)

    ‘Fantastic work. I am very happy with the final version of ‘Bentayga’, an astonishing performance full of precision and expressive power.’ (Juan Manuel Ruiz – featured composer)

    ‘Great, many thanks! It sounds really nice, and I love the timing between the slow and fast sections.’ (Gustavo Trujillo – featured composer)

    ‘In this CD Cristo Barrios shwos perfectly his beatiful sound, absolute control of dynamics in all registers, a very fine articulation and an extraodinary phrasing. Canarian composers should be proud of this new album.’ (Gustavo Díaz Jerez – featured composer)

    List of pieces

    Manuel Bonino
    Raquel Cristóbal Ramos
    Sonata for clarinet and piano
    Juan Manuel Ruiz
    Gustavo Díaz Jerez
    Three pieces for clarinet and piano
    Juan Manuel Marrero
    Gustavo A. Trujillo
    Lamento del Alba