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    Melomics is a research project promoted by the University of Málaga, partially funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness. Iamus, a computer which is able to make contemporary classical music, has been developed as part of the project. The main innovations of Iamus are that it can create scores in standard music notation and its pieces are indistinguisable from those created by human composers. A biomimetic approach has been used to program Iamus, in which each composition develops from its genome (imitating multicellular beings) evolving towards compositions of increasing complexity and beauty. This evo-devo approach is among the most promising methonds in the field of Computational Intelligence.

    Text by Dr. Francisco J. Vico (PI of the Melomics project. Group of Studies in Biomimetics, University of Málaga. Spain).


    Gustavo Díaz Jerez, piano and harpsichord

    Celia Alcedo, soprano

    David Ballesteros, violin

    Cristo Barrios, clarinet

    Sviatoslav Belonogov, viola d’amore

    Cecilia Bercovich, violin

    Borja Quintas, conductor

    London Symphony Orchestra


    ‘When computer scientists start messing with music, their electronic sounds rarely elicit much interest beyond the research lab or the experimental basement club. So it was a milestone last April when the London Symphony Orchestra recorded “Tránsitos”, a 13-minute work by Iamus, a computer developed by Francisco J. Vico at the University of Málaga in Spain.’ (DISCOVER Magazine)

    ‘As soon as you see the title of Iamus’s composition Transits – Into an Abyss, you know it’s going to be challenging.’ (THE GUARDIAN)

    ‘Until now – programmers at the University of Malaga have developed Iamus, which is able to create compositions without the aid of human intervention. Several of these have been deemed good enough to be performed by top orchestras and musicians.’ (THE TELEGRAPH)

    ‘The Melomics Ensemble performed the rest of the pieces, the vocal and instrumental ones, solving naturally all technical problems.’ (RITMO Magazine)

    List of pieces

    Tránsitos: 1.Rumor de espejos, 2. A un abismo para orquesta sinfónica

    Nasciturus para viola d’amore y clave

    Alphard para clarinete solo

    Kinoth para violín y piano

    Colossus para piano solo

    Hello World! para violín, clarinete y piano

    Ugadi para violín solo

    Mutability para soprano y piano